Cat Food 101 – The Varieties of Options Available

Owning a pet cat can be one of the greatest things possible! They make your life complete and give you a wonderful sense of companionship all day and every day. Taking care of them right and treating them with care and kindness in return is the least we could do to our little furry friends.

There are a great number of things that you need to be aware of when it comes go having a pet cat and one of them is the food types. This is especially due to the fact that there are a great variety of food available out there for cats and selecting the right one can play a huge role in your cat’s diet. Keep reading as we list down the different types of cat food available out there.

Lightly cooked cat food

When it comes to lightly cooked cat food, we’re talking about cat food that is filled with protein ingredients. The benefits of feeding your feline friend lightly cooked food is that it is soft on the stomach and provides the best of both canned food and raw food.

Lightly cooked cat food can come in two ways, either lightly boiled or lightly steamed. While the former is a cheaper option, the latter is slightly more expensive.  Alongside the protein, the lightly boiled cat food is also be rich in sodium.

Raw cat food

The best raw cat food is one that is fresh. It is also one packed with nutrients and will benefit your cat a great deal. There are several different types of raw cat food out there for you to choose from such as frozen raw cat food, home mad raw cat food, store bought raw cat food or even dehydrated raw cat food. The option you pick not only depends on what your cat like, but rather their digestive process too.

Dry cat food

This particular cat food is also known as kibble. Dry cat food is one other healthy option that many cats tend to prefer. Many cats’ owner too tends to prefer kibble as they are much easier to store and a convenient type of food to feed their cats as it doesn’t create much of a mess. However, the thing you need to keep in mind if you’re opting to give your cat dry food is that you’re going to have to keep it well hydrated. A smart way to do this is by adding broth to the kibble!

Canned cat food

One of the mostly commonly known cat food is the canned cat food. This specific type of cat food also comes in varieties such as canned flaked cat food, canned pate cat food and even canned wet food, which often tends to be canned meat with gravy or canned meat in broth. Canned cat food is also packed with proteins and give your little fur friend the necessary nutrients on a day-to-day basis.

Let us know if this helped you and your little pet cat out!


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