Different Types of Cat Beds for Your Feline Friend

If you’re planning to have a new kitty in your home or already own one, you should provide your feline friend a comfy cat bed where they could rest and take a nap. Although cats can usually fall asleep on any corner they like, it is a lot better if they have their own hideaway place where they could nap without any disturbance. That way, they could get adequate rest needed for their optimum health.

Cats typically prefers soft and warm places to sleep in that’s why they could usually be found on hidden corners. When choosing a cat bed, be sure that it provides them with warmth, comfort, and even privacy especially if there are plenty of people and other pets in your home.

If you’re still new in being a cat owner, you might be surprised that there are actually different options when it comes to cat beds. Each cat has its own unique preference when it comes to sleep. As the owner, you should be able to know more about your cat’s sleep preference to help you pick the right bed that suits it. Read along to learn more about the different styles of cat beds to choose from.

Cat Cave

As the name suggests, cat caves typically look like a small cave or hideout for your feline friend. Its design mainly provides your cat a sheltered feel when sleeping inside it. Cat caves provide a more secure feeling to your cat, helping him sleep calmly and comfortably. If you notice that your cat loves to sleep under the bed, covers, or simply a bit shy type of cat, a comfy cat cave is the perfect bed for your cat.

Self-Warming Beds

Almost most cats sleep comfortably when they are warm, making this cat bed a lot more popular these days. A self-warming cat bed is designed and made from materials that reflect back the warmth of your cat’s body to them, maintaining a comfortable warm temperature while sleeping. It is a versatile choice since cats can’t resist the warm cosy feeling it provides while they are sleeping on it. Also, if you’re living in a country with cold climates, this cat bed is perfect to keep your cat warm even when the weather outside is freezing.

Orthopaedic Beds

If you have an older cat or one that has orthopaedic issues, an orthopaedic bed is a perfect choice for them. Unlike regular cat beds, orthopaedic cat beds are more comfortable because of the thicker padding and foam it has. It is also a lot different from most cat beds since it has a wider and more open design, giving more room for your cat to stretch and relieve stress on your cat’s body. Orthopaedic beds are also elevated a little bit, so your cat won’t have a hard time crouching and crawling to get into it.

With the right bed for your cat, you can be sure that your feline friend is getting the best quality sleep and rest needed to keep them healthy and happy.


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