How to Travel with Your Dog

Traveling is fun and a perfect way to de-stress. You look forward to it especially if you’re an outgoing person and you’ve been planning it for months. However, that’s not the same when you have pets at home.

Some fur parents, especially dog owners, dread traveling since leaving their pets behind can give them anxiety. And because of that, they can’t fully enjoy their expensive vacation. Are you planning a trip? Worry no more because you can take your dog with you for a quick getaway. All you need to do is get yourself ready and follow these easy steps.

Check the location and Accommodation

Before heading out on a road trip with your furry friend, make sure that the place you’re going to accepts pets as guests. Inquire everything you need to know because it would be a hassle to return home after a long trip just because of a simple misunderstanding.

Ask if the place accepts any dog breed since some places tend to allow only those small to medium breeds. If you’re planning to check-in at a hotel, be sure if they’re a 100% pet-friendly accommodation. Take note that you need to have a few back-ups plans just in case any of your original plans fail.

Prepare Your Dog and Their Essential Stuff

Going to the beach or a famous tourist attraction? These places may allow dogs but they have strict policies so be sure that your dog’s vaccinations are updated. Bring a copy of their record or a vet certification if needed. Have your dog microchipped just in case anything bad happens. Bring their food and treats that will last for the whole duration of the trip.

Include food and drinking bowl in the list, gallons of drinking water, medications and first aid kit, collar with complete identification, front clip dog harness and extra leashes for daily walks, towel, your dog’s favourite toys, poop bags, and a grooming brush. Check your dog’s behaviour during car rides, too. If you notice that your dog has motion sickness, then it would be better not to include them in your trip. It will only cause them stress.

Check Your Car

Check your car’s air conditioning and ventilation system. Make sure that everything is working properly before your trip. It is important to keep your dog comfortable at all times. Bring extra sunshades, too, to protect your dog from direct sunlight.

Never let your dog alone inside the car even just for a few minutes, and even if the air conditioning system is running. It can be unsafe and is against the law in some areas. Don’t forget to bring extra car keys as well, just in case your dog gets accidentally locked inside. If you’re going on a trip during the winter season, check if the heater is working.

Check Your Route

Check the map and plan your routes carefully. Take note of the safe stops you can take advantage of to allow yourself and your dog to stretch. Offer them food and water, and allow them to do their thing. It would be best to plan these stops at least every 2-3 hours.

Going on a trip with your dog can be tiring, but if you’re fully prepared, it would be one for the books. Relax and enjoy every minute of it.


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