Reasons to Install an Air Pump for Your Aquarium

It is very important to maintain a healthy environment inside your aquarium to ensure that your aquatic animals and plants are thriving. An air pump is essential for an aquarium as it will provide more oxygen to the environment. It is also value addition to your tank as it can give a pleasing visual aesthetic.

The extra gas exchange is the main purpose for the use of an air pump. If you see that the fish in your tank is swimming at the top of the tank constantly, it can be an indication that there is not enough dissolved oxygen inside. You can simply visit the nearest aquarium supplies store to purchase a small air pump to solve this problem. Through surface agitation, you can increase the gas exchange inside the tank. It is at the water surface that the carbon dioxide leaves the water and oxygen gets dissolved.

When the water surface is still, this exchange does not happen effectively. An air pump will agitate this surface which will facilitate increase air exchange. You can also agitate the surface by having the output of the filter submerged with part of it coming out of the water surface. This will create a bubbling sound that is pleasing to the ear. But if you want a quieter tank, you can have this unit completely submerged.

If you are concerned about the noise of the aquarium, especially in tanks that are located in bedrooms, you need to think about when you are running the air pump. These pumps can be quite noisy. You can run them during the day so that you are not disturbed at night. You also need to think about the airflow capacity. This will depend on the size of the tank. You also need to add a return valve to the air hose leading to the aquarium tank.

You can also use a sponge filter in combination with the air pump. When the air pump is in operation, there will be increased water flow into the bottom because the air bubbles push water up. When this water is sucked in through a sponge, you can help beneficial bacteria grow on it. This will contribute to the bacteria breaking down harmful ammonia that might collect in the tank. You can also use sponge filters to collect debris and dirt that is inside the tank and make sure that the water is kept clean. A filter such as this can be very affordable.

If you have multiple tanks, you can have a larger air pump that powers the sponge filters in all of the tanks. This way, you don’t need to purchase individual pumps giving you a cost-saving. Air pumps are also great for aquarium ornaments. You can add different ornaments whether it is treasure chests or molded aquarium animals releasing air bubbles just for novelty. It is a fun decoration to have and it will give a bit of personality to the tank as well.

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