Things To Know About Getting Your Pup Trained

Promise me this, you’ll get your dog trained. Why? Let me tell you. This was years ago when I first got my little pup. He was wild yet sweet. I absolutely adored his rambunctious behavior, I thought it was what made him who he was. Oh, how wrong I was. It was cute at first, but as he grew older, oh my… It was very difficult, too difficult. I could’ve just trained him, but I didn’t, and I soon learned to regret it. I learned my lesson and got him professionally trained when he was much older than needed to be. It would’ve been easy for everyone if it was done when he was a puppy, but I was stupid. Don’t be like me. That’s why I’m writing you this article.

Why’re You Barking At Everyone?

He was a loud puppy. Whenever he’d see other dogs, he’d start barking at them. At first, it was cute. I thought I had an energetic pup. But once he got older? He got bigger. Imagine going out to your local dog park on a nice summer morning and having your dog bark at everyone and everything. No dog wanted to be around, and unfortunately, neither did some humans. They were scared. I don’t blame them. He’d even get physical, but this was out of love. He didn’t understand how big he was, which was cute, but also, kind of scary? He’d jump on everyone’s body, greeting them with his own version of a hug and kiss. Cute, right? If only people understood that. Most people were absolutely petrified of this giant dog pouncing on them. I would be.

He HATED The Vet

My dog hated the vet. It was obvious to me, the vet, and everyone else in the room. Once he’d entered the checkup area, he’d start barking and growling at everyone once touched. I didn’t understand why he could never get comfortable there. It truly baffled me because I’d never heard of this behavior in any other dog. So why mine? Was my beloved dog just aggressive? No, he was just scared. After Sugar’s (That’s his name!) last ordeal with the vet, I did some research and lo and behold! This issue is very common in untrained dogs. I had done this to myself.

He did this at the groomers too. They hated him. I was so embarrassed. Thankfully, no dog is too old to get trained. And that’s what I did. Now, I have another puppy, Caramel. Do you know the first thing I did? I googled private puppy classes brisbane.

However, don’t get me wrong, Sugar wasn’t a beast. As a puppy, I had trained him to recognize his name and to not urinate or do any of his business inside the house, but that was just it. Please do not repeat my stupid mistake and treat your pup to some much-needed training. Trust me, you do not want to end up like how I was. It was hell.

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