Types Of Horse Rugs: The Basics

Horse rugs are extremely effective items of equipment. There are various types of rugs available that are used to protect your horse, keep them warm or dry or clean or maybe a combination of the three.

There are different types of rugs, available for different purposes. You will most likely end with a closet full of horse rugs, plus they make your horse look prettier. Because of the variety available, we all tend to get confused and some may even end up purchasing the wrong kind for their horse.

Just so that you don’t get confused here is a rundown of the varied types of horse rugs we know. Keep reading to find about turnout rugs, fleece rugs, coolers, summer sheets and what not.

Cooler Rugs

Cooler rugs are so cool, literally! So here is what they do for your horse. Cooler rugs are generally used on sweaty horses after they exercise. The rug absorbs and evaporates the perspiration or moisture formed on the horse, allowing it to simmer down progressively

Exercise Rugs and Sheets

An exercise rug is generally used to keep the horse warm or dry while it is being ridden. Why? So that the moisture of the horse doesn’t get absorbed by the rider’s clothes. Some exercise rugs are placed under the saddle whilst some others have a cut-out area and a fastening system at the front so that they can be placed above the saddle of the horse.

Fleece Rugs

A multi-purpose kind of rug. They are warm and breathable and can be used as a light rug, a substitute for travel rug, an under rug or a cooler rug. If you are thinking of purchasing a fleece rug check out caribu horse rugs or maybe do some research to get one you like.

Fleece Rugs

Fleece rugs are breathable and warm and can be used as a light stable rug, a travel rug, an under rug or as a substitute for a cooler rug.

Fly Rugs

A fly rug is also known as a fly sheet is a lightweight net rug that protects the horse from biting flies and bugs during the warmer seasons of the year. Protects the horse from getting sudden infections from other insects.

Stable Rugs

Stable rugs are generally used to offer warmth to the horse whilst it is stable. It is available in different thickness and fillings. You must keep in mind that stable rugs are not waterproof therefore cannot be used during moist and cold weather, and it is not designed for outdoor purposes.

Summer Sheets

A light cotton rug that offers protection against dust and insects during the summer season. It is quite useful when the horse is stable during the warm weather conditions or whilst traveling.

Sweet Itch Rugs

Sweet itch is caused when a horse is exposed to midges. These rugs are an extremely fine mesh and the most effective types of rugs to avoid the sweet itch. These rugs must be utilized from before the midge season commences.

Turnout Rugs

Turnout rugs are waterproof rugs devised to keep your horse dry and clean when it is out in the fields.  These rugs are available in a variety of thickness, weights and offer different degrees of warmth to your horse.

Before you purchase a horse rug, you must identify the purpose it serves and the purpose you want it to serve.

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